Geraldo, Elder Battle Over Gun Control: 'What Do You Do With an AR-15, Hunt Ducks?'

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said Thursday she is "certain" that prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty for 19-year-old school shooter Nikolas Cruz. 

Cruz is slated to appear in court Thursday on 17 counts of premeditated murder after opening fire on students at a Florida high school.

Bondi said she spoke at length last night with President Trump, who addressed the nation this morning, and she plans to speak with him again later today. 

"He so deeply cares about the victims and that's all he was asking about, constantly, and [asking about] what he can do. He's a good man and he cares so much," she said. 

Bondi said the shooting highlights the need for "better mental health treatment" in the U.S.

Cruz was expelled from the high school last year and many of his former classmates said after the shooting that he was troubled and had an affinity for guns. 

Speaking after the shooting Wednesday night, Bondi said the attorney general's office will pay the funeral expenses for those murdered at the school.  

She also said her office is keeping a close eye on potential scams, including phony GoFundMe accounts, that seek to bilk donations from the public. 

Watch the interview above. 

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