'He Took the Bullets for Them': Student Says Hero Coach 'Sprinted' Toward the Gunfire

"Special Report" anchor Bret Baier said Thursday many Americans are becoming frustrated with the lack of action from the federal government to prevent mass shootings. 

He said that even aside from possible gun control measures, Congress has done nothing as the number of mass shootings only grow by the year. On Wednesday, the latest mass shooting left 17 people dead at a Florida high school. 

"After Las Vegas, 59 dead, there was not any legislative action. I'm not talking just gun control or something that has to do with security. There was nothing," he said. 

Baier said many now wonder what will have to happen for some type of action to be taken. He said perhaps President Trump should consider adding school security to his list of infrastructure initiatives. 

"There is a real opportunity for the president to lead on this issue," he said. 

"You would take heat for some kind of comprehensive piece of legislation that deals with the big picture here. But there has been nothing done. I mean, zero, not even a proposal that has come forward. You're now talking about a chronic situation for the country that we have dealt with for many years, since Columbine in Colorado [in 1999]."

Baier said parents are sending their children to schools across the country and wondering what security is in place to stop a potential gunman. 

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