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Democrats are accusing the White House of trying to censor a surveillance memo they want to release as a rebuttal to the House Intelligence Committee's Republicans. 

The White House sent the memo back for further redactions, causing pushback from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who accused the administration of trying to block any information damaging to the president. 

President Trump and some committee Republicans, however, accused Schiff of purposely writing the memo in this way so he could later accuse the White House of trying to hide it.

Republicans released their memo on Feb. 2, alleging that the unverified Steele dossier was the key to obtaining a warrant for surveillance on Carter Page.

On "Outnumbered" Wednesday, Fox Business anchor Trish Regan said the dossier - which was funded by the Clinton camp - reads like "supermarket tabloid" fiction and is comparable to opposition research.

"Someone in the FBI would say this is enough to get a FISA warrant?" she asked. 

Jessica Tarlov pushed back that the dossier was presented to the court along with other evidence in order to obtain the warrant.

Regan said Russia achieved "exactly what they wanted" in disrupting the U.S. political system with the salacious dossier.

"Vladimir Putin had his Russians feeding a bunch of garbage to Christopher Steele, who then sent that back to the Clinton team and Fusion GPS, who then sent it to the administration and all of a sudden FISA warrants were being issued to investigate the Trump campaign," she explained.

Watch the discussion above. 

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