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Fox News contributors Jessica Tarlov and Pete Hegseth clashed on "Outnumbered" on Wednesday over the White House's handling of former top White House staffer Rob Porter.

Porter, who served as staff secretary, resigned last week after allegations of domestic violence surfaced from his two ex-wives.

The White House has since been dogged by questions about when the allegations against Porter were known.

Tarlov said FBI Director Christopher Wray "blew huge holes" in the White House's timeline when he testified on Tuesday that Porter's completed background check report was sent to the White House last July, a second report was sent in November in response to follow-up queries and the file was closed in January.

"The case was closed for the FBI last month. Sarah Sanders lied, Raj Shah lied up there on the podium. They said it was still ongoing, it wasn't," Tarlov said.

Hegseth said the processes of obtaining a security clearance are complicated, and while the FBI may have completed their portion of Porter's background check, the White House personnel security office, which makes recommendations on security clearances to the White House, had not finished their process.

"You're saying it's lie, lie, lie, lie. There's a lot of processes here," Hegseth argued.

"A lot of processes to all of the lies?" Tarlov fired back.

Watch the back-and-forth above.

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