'Reserve Judgment' on Politics: Sen. Rubio Urges Unity, Prayers After FL Shooting

VIDEO: Police Place Suspected Florida School Shooter Under Arrest

Geraldo Rivera and radio host Larry Elder debated gun control in the wake of the mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla. high school.

As of Wednesday evening, 17 people were dead and many injured after Nikolas Cruz allegedly opened fire with a high-powered rifle near the end of the school day.

"How did he get the thousand-dollar gun?" Rivera said, calling Cruz a "psycho punk loser."

"Want to spend $25 billion on a [Mexican border] wall? How about spending $25 billion to make our schools secure from these savages?" he asked Elder.

Elder said that if there was common sense gun legislation that did not infringe on the Second Amendment, he would support it.

He told Rivera that more people are killed annually from handguns than automatic weapons.

"What are you going to do with [an AR-15], hunt ducks?" Rivera asked. "That's a bogus argument, Larry."

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