SUSPECT ID'D: 17 Reported Killed, More Wounded in Florida High School Shooting

'It's a Bad Day, Shepard': Sen. Bill Nelson Reacts to Florida School Shooting

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida reacted to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting Wednesday, saying on "Special Report," that he’d spoken with local authorities and is being kept abreast of developments.

A suspect, Nikolaus Cruz, is in Broward County law enforcement custody, and Rubio said police are processing the scene for evidence to build a case against him.

"It's a terrible situation," the Republican lawmaker and onetime presidential candidate told Peter Doocy. "My understanding is [that] some of the next-of-kin families have not been [notified]."

Rubio said Americans in Washington and elsewhere should "reserve judgment" on the political aspects of the tragedy, like gun control policy. He called for a "deeper conversation of why these things happen."

Rubio said Florida Gov. Rick Scott was out of state and is traveling to Parkland to meet with officials.

Of the victims, Rubio said the injuries are "deeper than just the physical ones."

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