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Steve Hayes, editor-in-chief of The Weekly Standard and a Fox News contributor, said FBI Director Christopher Wray is "telling an entirely different story" than the White House about former top White House staffer Rob Porter.

Porter, who served as staff secretary, resigned last week after allegations of domestic violence surfaced from his two ex-wives.

The White House has been dogged by questions about when the allegations against Porter were known. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said action was taken last week when officials became aware of the allegations and that the investigation was ongoing.

But Wray said Tuesday during testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that a background check on Porter was completed last summer and sent to the White House.

Hayes said this suggests two things: the White House did not take seriously credible allegations of domestic abuse against a very senior official for nearly a year, and the White House did not tell the truth about what transpired as it relates to those allegations.

"The White House was telling one story. Christopher Wray is telling an entirely different story," Hayes said, noting that Porter's ex-wives have confirmed they had spoken to the FBI about the allegations long before the White House suggested they had.

Hayes added he would like to see Trump come out and more forcefully express his support for victims of domestic violence.

He explained that Trump's initial comments on the scandal could be seen as supportive of Porter and skeptical of his accusers.

"It was a tonal problem, with the president of the United States seeming to take the side of this senior aide without really having much to say at all about the two women who claim that they were abused by Rob Porter."

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