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President Trump on Tuesday is meeting with sheriffs from across the country to discuss crucial issues like border security, the opioid epidemic and the targeting of law enforcement officers.

Sheriff Grady Judd, of Polk County, Florida, who will be attending the White House meeting, revealed on "Fox & Friends" that eight of his deputies have been shot at in the last month, although thankfully none were hit.

"There are people that are proactively looking for the opportunity to hurt law enforcement officers," Judd said, adding that it's critical to have support from the White House.

"President Trump's our best ally right now."

Judd said he has been impressed with what Trump has accomplished during his time in office.

"We're on the ground level, trying to keep the people of this country safe," Judd said on "Fox & Friends," calling it a "breath of fresh air" to see the president follow through on campaign promises like cracking down on illegal immigrant criminals.

He said the crime rate in Polk County -- and across much of the country -- is down because criminals know they will be held accountable. With smart policies, he said, those numbers will continue to drop.

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