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Piers Morgan blasted former "Apprentice" contestant and onetime White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman as a "poisonous little viper," ripping her for badmouthing Vice President Mike Pence's devout Catholicism.

On CBS' "Celebrity Big Brother," Omarosa criticized Pence, saying that America should not want to impeach President Donald Trump because Pence is a religious extremist.

"I'm Christian, I love Jesus. But he thinks Jesus tells him to say things, and I'm like Jesus didn't say that," Omarosa said.

On ABC's "The View," comedian Joy Behar said Pence has a "mental illness" because he hears Christ's voice in his head.

"She's behaving exactly as I predicted," Morgan said of Omarosa. "She's a reality television star whose only raison d'etre is to be a poisonous little viper spreading gossip, innuendo and terrorizing everyone in her wake."

Morgan also questioned why Trump hired her in the first place.

He added that Omarosa is only "famous for being horrible" and "one of the worst human beings I've ever encountered in my life."

Morgan and Omarosa starred together on a season of "Celebrity Apprentice," hosted by Trump.

He said Manigault propositioned that they have a "showmance" together, because "everyone on the Apprentice has sex together so we could do that and then sell it and make loads of money."

Morgan said he told her she was "completely deluded."

He told Carlson that Omarosa then asked whether he was a homosexual because he refused her offer.

"[She's] ridiculously absurd," he said.

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