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Jesse Watters ripped comedian Joy Behar for criticizing Vice President Mike Pence's devout faith and its effect on his politics.

Behar said Pence displays "mental illness" because he hears "voices" from Jesus Christ in his head.

"Can he talk to Mary Magdalene without his wife in the room?" she asked.

"ABC has a real problem on their hands," Watters said of Behar's employer, adding that the Williamsburg, Brooklyn native would be "canned in a second" if she mocked a devout Muslim.

Sean Hannity added that the left appears to have a "compulsion" to insult "deeply held religious values and views."

Watters ripped Democrats like Behar for being "OK with Reverend [Jeremiah] Wright speaking to Barack Obama, but they don't want Jesus talking to Mike Pence."

Wright, a Chicago preacher, was Obama's pastor for many years and has been recorded saying "God d--n America" and other incendiary things.

Watters said Christians like Pence listen to God and can hear God while their in church, adding that he feels he needs to visit the confessional after watching "The View" because "listening to Joy is a sin."

"Speaking of sin," he said. "Omarosa said she wanted to sleep with Piers Morgan for ratings and then called him gay when he denied her."

Watters described the revelations, discussed by Morgan on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," as "disgusting."

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