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FBI Director Christopher Wray said Tuesday a background check on former top White House staffer Rob Porter was completed last summer and sent to the White House.

Responding to questions from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Wray said the FBI submitted a partial background check report to the White House in March and completed the background investigation in July.

He said answers to follow-up questions from the White House were provided in November 2017. 

"We administratively closed the file in January. Earlier this month, we received some additional information and we passed that on as well," he said. 

Porter, who served as staff secretary, resigned last week after allegations of domestic violence surfaced from his two ex-wives. 

The White House has been dogged by questions about when the allegations against Porter were known. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said action was taken last week when officials became aware of the allegations. 

Democrats have expressed concern over Porter being allowed access to classified information with an interim security clearance during his time in the White House.

Fox News' John Roberts stressed that the White House insisted last week that the background check on Porter was ongoing.

"Wray, with a single statement, really just completely blew up the timeline that the White House has been giving us," Roberts said.

Watch the exchange above.

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