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Tomi Lahren: Grammys Turned Into Celebration of Elites' Trump Derangement Syndrome

It’s time for Final Thoughts – about the world’s first family of torture and death - also known as the new media darling of the left.

Yes, that would be their new symbol of female empowerment: North Korea’s Deputy Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department, Kim Yo Jong. She just happens to be the sister of one of the world’s most evil dictators, Kim Jong “Rocket Man” Un.

Several news outlets have actually praised her appearance at the Winter Olympic Games, claiming she has – quote - “stolen the show.”

Both AND the Washington Post went so far as to call her North Korea’s “answer” to Ivanka Trump. What does that even mean? Are they really comparing the sister of a brutal despot to the first daughter of the United States of America?

No, “diplomatic dancing,” as one article called it, isn’t an Olympic Sport. And neither is committing cruel and unusual punishment,  mass murder, or tyrannically ruling over a nation of impoverished citizens. That’s something North Korea could actually medal in. 

It wasn’t just CNN and the Washington Post. The New York Times also chimed in, gushing over Kim Yo Jong’s charm. They even claimed little Miss Rocket Woman somehow “outflanked” Vice President Pence in the game of diplomatic image-making. 

It’s accepted as fact that North Korea today is one of the most ruthless and brutal regimes on the planet. So why do some folks in the news media need a little reminder? Um, a smile on her face, doesn’t make up for or overshadow her family’s widespread acts of persecution and torture. 

When the left and the mainstream media start romanticizing ruthless authoritarian regimes, that’s when we know the final stage of Trump Derangement Syndrome has set in. You don’t have to be a Republican, or even a Trump supporter, to see how ridiculous this is. 

They hate Trump. We get it. But that doesn’t mean these outlets have to suck up to a brutal dictatorship, and normalize its horrific regime.

This should all go without saying, but sadly, in 2018, here we are. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and Take Care.

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