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Jesse Watters said the fact there is public outcry over a prank pulled by a cartoon rabbit that played on a human character's food allergy shows "this country is toast."

As Juan Williams described on "The Five," the new film "Peter Rabbit," based on the Beatrix Potter classic of the same title, shows Peter throw a blackberry in the mouth of farmer "Mr. McGregor."

McGregor is said to be highly allergic to blackberries, and the scene purports to show him frantically trying access his epinephrine injector pen to stave off any possible anaphylactic shock.

"It started with the War on Christmas [then] Cowboys & Indians," Watters said of the change in societal norms due to political correctness and the like.

"Food allergy bullying is actually a phrase," he said. "This country is toast."

Watters said that America has gone from approving of children rising before dawn to milk cattle, prior to child labor regulations, to parents concerned their children may be affected by a prank in a movie.

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