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President Donald Trump on Monday sent a message of support to the mother of a young man who lost his life to opioid addiction.

On "Fox & Friends," Sue Kruczek revealed that her son, Nick, died of an opioid overdose when he was 20 years old. She said she penned a letter to Trump to share her family's story in the hopes that others won't have to live through the kind of heartbreak they have.

Trump took to Twitter a short time after the segment aired, assuring Kruczek that his administration is fighting the opioid epidemic and vowing that Nick will not have died in vain.

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Kruczek told host Ainsley Earhardt that Nick was the starting center on his high school's varsity hockey team as a freshman. Before his first game, a teammate gave him a pill to help him relax.

He later told his parents he never again played a game sober. Five years later, he died of an opioid overdose.

Kruczek said that she and other parents of opioid victims sent letters to Trump for Valentine's Day to share their love for their children and to warm his heart.

"A lot of it all about numbers with this epidemic. And these are our babies," Kruczek said, praising Trump for taking steps to combat opioid abuse while calling for more to be done.

"This is the biggest epidemic our nation has ever faced. Now, we know that addiction is a disease. It's not a moral dilemma. It is a fact. And this is the only disease that I know of that is not being handled and treated appropriately as one," she said. 

She shared an excerpt of the letter she sent to the president: "I can walk away the lucky one, though. I was privileged to be Nick's mom for 20 years. And I got to hear 'I love you, Mom' every single day."

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