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Tucker Carlson debated the media's romanticizing of North Korean official Kim Yo Jong with a member of a Communist political movement in America.

Carlson noted how several outlets fawned over Kim, with CNN saying she "st[ole] the show" at Pyeongchang.

He noted the New York Times, which said Kim "turned on the charm", wrote an article called "For most, a better life," after the Khmer Rouge took power in Cambodia in 1975.

Within a few years, an internationally-recognized genocide took place under their rule.

Deirdre Griswold of the Workers World Party said she's been to both North and South Korea and wanted to notify the American people that neither country wants war with the States.

"We're in the process of moving toward a nuclear war. The Korean people know very much what war is like," Griswold said.

She said North Koreans know more than Americans think, noting their 100 percent literacy rate noted in a CIA report.

"How would they know?" Carlson responded. "They're not able to watch a foreign movie."

He asked Griswold whether she noticed the discrepancy between the state of the populace and the state of the leadership.

"Does it bother you when you see people starving, and their leader [Kim Jong Un] dying of obesity?" he asked.

"Which Korea would you live in?" he asked.

Griswold again noted what she considered a penchant for war on behalf of much of America.

"Oh, it's our fault, OK." Carlson said.

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