Nunes: Dems Preventing Release of Schiff Memo By 'Packing It Full of Sources, Methods'

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The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee ripped Republicans for "hypocrisy" on memoranda detailing FISA warrants for spying on at least one person associated with the Trump presidential campaign.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) told CBS News' Major Garrett that the "hypocrisy of this just kind of reaches out and grabs you by the throat."

Schiff was responding to remarks from President Trump, who said he did not initially approve the Democrats' FISA memo because it disclosed secret sources and methods.

"The Democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew... would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blame the White House for lack of transparency," Trump said.

Schiff said Trump and Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) were being hypocritical, alleging the Republican memo was described by the FBI as "misleading."

Garrett pressed Schiff as to whether he would at least yield the president's advice and make sure there is no content in their own memo that has to be redacted for security purposes.

Schiff said he would, but again criticized Trump, saying the New Yorker "doesn't want the public to see the underlying facts" and is trying to "put the FBI... on trial."

Garrett added that Sen. Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican, put out his own memo that is reportedly more detailed as to how the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page was obtained.

Schiff said the Grassley memo was "part of the same effort" to thwart claims of Russian collusion against Trump by putting the government "on trial."

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