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A Boston professor is under fire for a now-deleted YouTube recording in which he mused about President Trump's death.

Northeastern University economics professor Barry Bluestone purportedly says on the tape that "sometimes, I want to just see [Trump] impeached. Other times, and I hope there aren't any FBI agents here, I wouldn't mind seeing him dead."

Aubrey Kenderdine, a Campus Reform contributor who is a senior at the school, ripped Bluestone for his remarks.

"Here we see a respected professor advocate for violence against our president in a public forum while hes representing my university. This is outrageous," Kenderdine said.

She added that it's not the first time she's encountered anti-Trump bias at Northeastern.

Kenderdine said she has also been in "one against forty" situations ideologically in her classes.

"I wasn't surprised at all," she said of Bluestone's remarks. "I see this rhetoric on a daily basis from my professors."

Bluestone later released a statement to Fox News, saying he "meant to say [he] would have liked to see the president disappear from the White House."

Pete Hegseth also responded, riffing on the professor's purported expertise in economics, wondering aloud if Bluestone ever mentioned how Trump has positively affected the economy.

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