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Geraldo Rivera blasted U.S. spies mentioned in a New York Times report, who allegedly made a secret trip to a German hotel room to deliver $100,000 in cash for stolen American security secrets and damaging information about President Donald Trump.

According to the report, an unnamed Russian "bilked" six figures out of American spies by promising the return of stolen cybersecurity weapons if they delivered cash to a Berlin address.

American officials told the paper they did not want the anti-Trump material the Russian also promised.

The operation was later called off after the first installment of what was supposed to be a total $1 million payment.

"They paid 100 thousand dollars to a scam artist," Rivera said, calling the agents "bungling spies" reminiscent of "Peter Sellers [and] the Pink Panther."

He added that the new Democratic FISA memo currently being held up at the White House was "crafted to generate... discord."

Rivera called the response to Rep. Devin Nunes' (R-Calif.) original memo as a "big nothing burger" and a purely political document.

"Release the damn memo. I'm so sick of this story already," he said.

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