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Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said Democrats "forfeited all credibility" in the case of the Trump-Russia dossier and federal spying against a former Trump associate.

"They haven't told the truth from day one," Bongino, a former Maryland congressional candidate, said when asked about the Nunes memo and its Democratic response.

He said the Democrats are displaying hypocrisy by criticizing President Trump's withholding of some parts of the Democratic memo, after they claimed the Nunes memo should be examined for possible sensitive redactions.

"Then, the [Nunes] memo came out. This is a big nothing-burger... They are covering up what I believe to be the biggest scandal in modern political history."

Bongino said the facts in the case add up to a general conclusion that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign team.

"Listen, the Democrats could put out all the memos you want. Put out memos on the weather," he said. "The bottom line is the Democrat memo does not undercut the essence of this scandal."

"There are court transcripts of people in court with their right hand up saying I swear to this. They cannot run from this," he added.

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