WATCH: FNC's 'Scandalous' Looks Back at Clintons' Alleged Involvement in 'Whitewater'

Attorney for Uranium One Informant: Clintons 'Can Attack All They Want,' My Client Has the Truth

Scandalous - the hit Fox News Channel docu-series - chronicles the dramatic events surrounding the Clinton scandals of the 1990s. 

Sunday at 8pm ET on a brand-new episode, you'll relive the frantic 10 days leading up to President Bill Clinton's deposition in the Paula Jones case.

The so-called "elves" working secretly on the Jones lawsuit tipped off Independent Counsel Ken Starr that Linda Tripp had recorded conversations with a co-worker, who claimed she was being asked to lie about an affair with the president.

With the story set to break publicly, Starr’s team was in a race against time to get Monica Lewinsky to talk before the president’s deposition, where they knew he would be caught in a lie.

On January 17, 1998, President Clinton went into the deposition unaware that anyone knew of his affair, and was confident that he could evade any questions about it.

Watch the preview clips above and check out part of Episode 3 below.

Tune in Sunday on Fox News Channel at 7pm ET for an encore presentation of last week's episode and the brand-new episode at 8pm ET.