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Tucker Carlson called out the left and the mainstream media for their hysterical reaction to President Trump wanting to hold a parade to honor the U.S. military.  

"It's a good bet if the president likes something, the press will hate it. It's like a physics equation ... but we're reaching new extremes on that," he said. 

Carlson noted the overheated cable news reactions to Trump's idea, with pundits labeling him a tyrant, likening the idea to North Korea and calling it "deeply un-American."

Many former U.S. service members have also come out against the idea, arguing it is not consistent with U.S. military traditions. 

Carlson said he is "agnostic" on whether the parade is a good idea, but noted a Green Party activist who urged people to lay down in front of U.S. tanks if such a parade happens. 

"If Trump is a dangerous authoritarian dictator, why does it seem like left-wing federal judges are making all the key decisions?" Carlson asked.

Joe Concha of The Hill asked whether there would be any backlash if Joe Biden had wanted to hold a parade to honor U.S. service members. 

"Would you see even one snip of a reaction? I don't think so," said Concha. 

He said despite the left's arguments, Trump has not curtailed White House briefings or moved toward totalitarianism. 

Concha said many mainstream media commentators are "playing to a crowd" because they know their audience is emotionally against Trump. 

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