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Just before an hours-long government shutdown, Sen. Lindsey Graham called out his Republican colleague Rand Paul for his opposition to an agreement to fund the government through March 23.

Paul (R-Ky.) took to the Senate floor in a last-minute maneuver which forced lawmakers to miss the midnight Thursday deadline. The bill passed overnight and was signed Friday morning by President Trump. 

Paul railed against increasing military and welfare spending, arguing it will continue to explode the national debt and called Republicans "hypocrites" for opposing Barack Obama's deficits and now continuing them. 

On "Fox News @ Night," Graham (R-S.C.) said Paul is "sincere" in his beliefs, but is doing a "dangerous thing." He praised the bill for providing a much-needed military spending increase for the next two years.

"When the sun comes up, the military is going to be flush with cash," he said.

Graham was pressed on whether conservatives are breaking their promises to voters to hold the line on spending. 

"The #1 priority of the federal government above all else is to defend the nation," said Graham. 

He said entitlement reform, not lower defense spending, is the way to bring down long-term deficits, emphasizing that U.S. military spending as a percentage of GDP is at its lowest level since World War II. 

"Does that really make sense? ... General Mattis has been begging us to get off the sidelines and give the war fighters what they need. ... Senator Paul thinks he knows more about the military than those who are in the military. He has never been to Afghanistan, so I don't want to hear from him [about] what it takes to win a war," said Graham 

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