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On "Fox & Friends," a wounded Army veteran and his wife spoke about the "incredible experience" of joining President Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday morning.

U.S. Army Major Scott Smiley (Ret.) was left blind by a suicide bombing while serving in Iraq in 2005. He would go on to become the Army's first blind active duty officer.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Smiley received a standing ovation and credited the love of his family and his faith in Christ for giving him the strength to persevere.

Smiley said it was "so powerful" to speak at the event and share his family's story of hardships and blessings.

"It was incredible to be able to share renewed hope with the world was truly an incredible experience," Smiley's wife, Tiffany, said. "Thinking back to 2005 -- when we did feel hopeless and we wondered if we did have a future -- I think what’s true about the scripture is we all do have a future."

She said it's an honor to share their message of tragedy to triumph, and to proclaim the power of hope.

"To renew hope for our president and other leaders in this nation was truly an incredible experience," she said.

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