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The White House has come under fire for its handling of domestic violence allegations against now-departing Staff Secretary Rob Porter.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly in particular has come under scrutiny for initially defending Porter and then reversing course as the uproar grew.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah told reporters Thursday that Kelly became “fully aware” on Wednesday of the "serious and disturbing" allegations that Porter abused both of his ex-wives.

Porter, a top aide to President Donald Trump, has vehemently denied the allegations, but is expected to be out of the White House as early as Thursday.

On "The Story," conservative commentator Ben Shapiro said one pressing question that must be answered is: Why did Kelly allow Porter to work closely with President Trump?

"When you're in doubt, you gotta keep the president from the impact of having somebody around who's going to take a fall like this," Shapiro said.

He said it was "irresponsible" to allow anyone with these types of allegations floating around to be that close to Trump, because it puts him in a vulnerable position.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer echoed statements made by Jonah Goldberg Thursday on "Special Report," suggesting that Kelly liked and trusted Porter and felt like they were in a "foxhole" together at the White House.

Shapiro said Kelly is "in some trouble" because he strongly defended Porter and had to go back on it, but the ability to acknowledge a mistake is actually a strength in politics.

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