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In his powerful opening monologue Thursday night, Sean Hannity broke down the 2016 election's "saboteurs," from Hillary Clinton to top FBI and Justice Department officials to former President Barack Obama.

"The corruption, desecration and malfeasance of constitutional civil liberties is now unmatched in the history of this country," Hannity said, adding that the mainstream media have largely missed this story because they are focused on delegitimizing President Trump.

Hannity said the evidence that has been uncovered is just the "tip of the iceberg," and he expects future revelations will "rock the foundation of Washington, D.C." and make people question how this could ever happen in the U.S.

He argued that there were concerted efforts by biased, high-level government officials to swing the election for Hillary Clinton and against Trump.

He said former FBI Director James Comey and his "lackeys" ignored evidence in the Clinton email investigation and crafted a statement exonerating her months before even interviewing her and other key witnesses.

He said that Trump and his associates, on the other hand, were the targets of potentially unlawful government surveillance abuses.

"As we move forward, I would guarantee almost at this point there's going to be massive investigations, and I would not at all be surprised [if] people will be going to jail, people will be indicted," Hannity said.

Watch Hannity lay out all the "players" in the clip above.

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