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Is this the future or just plain creepy? 

Tucker Carlson highlighted the extent to which big technology companies seek to control our daily lives, zeroing in on several Google patent applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

"Ask yourself if you're comfortable giving this much power to un-elected technocrats you have never met," he said. 

In one illustration submitted to the government by Google in 2016, the company envisions a camera in your bedroom observing a "Godfather" novel by your bed. 

The information would then be used to send "personalized advertising" to steer the person to watch the "Godfather" movie. 

Carlson said an "even creepier" idea from the company envisions Google Home watching your children to make sure they're not misbehaving, along with observing kids' daily activities. 

If "mischief" is perceived, the system would deliver a verbal warning to the child.

"Presumably they'd also try to use that information to sell him things at some point, because that's the whole point of Google," said Carlson.

In another example, Google envisions giving advice to parents on "areas of improvement," such as spending more time together at dinner. 

In response, Google said, "We file patent applications on a variety of ideas that our employees come up with. Some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don't."

Tucker's response?

"In other words: don't worry, we're not spying on you ... yet. We just have a patent for it."

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