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Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters reacted Wednesday to President Trump's plan to hold a military parade in the streets of Washington.

Trump reportedly got the idea after visiting France's annual Bastille Day parade, which commemorates the 1789 military action that turned the tide of the French Revolution.

"The French march well, we fight well," Peters told Bill Hemmer. "If we really want to honor our troops and support them, pass the defense budget."

Peters, a Fox News contributor, said showing off American military might can be very seductive for the people in power, but that Trump should take note of the way this country differs from others.

He said America often chooses to show off their military with parades of soldiers rather than machines, like the 1991 march through Washington commemorating The First Gulf War.

Peters added that, in addition to the massive logistical task, holding a military parade takes troops away from their training, costing the Pentagon a sizable sum.

Fox News reported that local politicians in the District of Columbia - including U.S. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) - are averse to the idea.

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