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Attorney Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday that President Trump's lawyers must avoid him going before a grand jury to be questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Dershowitz, a Harvard Law professor emeritus and lifelong Democrat, assessed on "America's Newsroom" the various options for an interview between Mueller and Trump. 

Fox News' John Roberts has reported that Trump's in-house attorney, Ty Cobb, is more inclined to agree to an interview, while the president's outside attorneys, Jay Sekulow and John Dowd, are leaning against the idea.

Dershowitz predicted there will be an agreement in which Trump sits down with Mueller, with his lawyers present, and with pre-agreed time and subject limits on the questioning.

"[Trump] is gonna have to do something. He doesn't want to stonewall this. In front of the grand jury is a very bad option," he explained. 

Dershowitz said Mueller will likely not agree to simply have the president's attorneys provide written answers, signed by Trump, to written questions. 

If no compromise can be reached, Mueller can subpoena Trump to go before a grand jury, where there would be no limits and Trump's lawyers would not be present. 

"The law is clear: the president can be subpoenaed or deposed," Dershowitz said.

However, he stressed that lying to a grand jury and committing perjury are not the same things. He said the difference is that it must be a "knowing, deliberate, willful lie about a material fact" for perjury to be charged.

Watch the interview above.

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