'Angel Mom' Calls Out Dems: Get Rid of Criminal Aliens & Protect Americans

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Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ill.) said the death of Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson reinforces the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

Jackson and his Uber driver were killed on Sunday by a suspected drunk driver who was in the U.S. illegally and had been deported twice.

On "Fox News @ Night" on Tuesday, Rokita agreed with President Trump's statement that this was a "preventable tragedy."

"President Trump is exactly right. We have got to get tough on this stuff," Rokita said, calling on Democrats to come to the negotiating table and engage in serious talks about immigration.

He said lawmakers must come together on policies that put the interests of American citizens before those of criminal illegal aliens.

"I know the people -- certainly in Indiana -- are on the president's side," Rokita said. "This was a tragedy that could have been completely averted."

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