'Angel Mom' Calls Out Dems: Get Rid of Criminal Aliens & Protect Americans

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At least half of the suspects apprehended in a major drug bust last month in Cincinnati were reportedly in the United States illegally, Laura Ingraham said Wednesday night.

Federal authorities say Armando Reyes-Cortez, Annel Reyes-Valdes and Armando Gonzalez-Rosas -- all reportedly undocumented immigrants -- were part of a large heroin trafficking operation in the Cincinnati area, engaging in a conspiracy to possess and distribute more than 1,000 grams of heroin.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told Ingraham that this was the fourth big drug bust in the area.

"They had thousands of hits of heroin, cocaine, guns ... thousands of dollars," Jones said, adding that drugs are "destroying" the community.

"Over 200 are gonna die this year with heroin overdoses. We've had babies born in our jail -- the last one was born in the toilet -- all addicted to heroin that's coming from Mexico," Jones said. "It's destroying us."

He called on lawmakers on Capitol Hill to stop bickering and give law enforcement the resources they need to combat the drug epidemic.

"We need help from our government. We need our government to come in and do some workplace enforcement. We need to send a message," Jones said. "We have a real poor governor here -- Gov. Kasich -- who encourages all these people to come in to the state of Ohio. He calls it an act of love."

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