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Tucker Carlson grilled a Seattle Democrat on her opposition to President Trump's border security and immigration plan, in the wake of another alleged incident involving an illegal immigrant who was previously deported.

Carlson said Guatemalan national and two-time deportee Manuel Orrego-Savala is accused of plowing his truck into an Uber car carrying Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson.

Jackson and the Uber driver were killed and Orrego-Savala is accused of being drunk and driving without a license at the time of the incident.

Carlson said that Democrats are "steadfastly determined" to let illegal immigrants like Savala stay in the country.

"[They] alienated middle America," he said of the left, "They cannot win without [naturalization of illegals]."

He challenged Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) on her contention that Trump's policies on the topic "target people of color and advances his hate filled agenda."

Carlson pointed out that Trump is moderating, voicing support for a DACA fix that may include a path to citizenship.

"How is that white supremacy?" he asked.

Jayapal said Trump brought the issue on himself by sunsetting the DACA program, therefore putting those illegal immigrants in danger of deportation.

Carlson said Jayapal's opposition to Trump's plan to end the chain migration and visa lottery systems run counter to how she staffs her office.

While chain migration allows certain immigrants to enter the U.S. to join relatives already in the country, Jayapal and other legislators hire staffers on merit.

Jayapal responded that she understands the importance of citizenship, noting it took her 17 years to become an American citizen after leaving her home country of India.

Carlson asked whether when she met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that she asked him to therefore allow Pakistanis to immigrate to India en masse based on chain migration policies.

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