'This Is Demented': Tucker Rips Intel Committee Dems for 'McCarthyite' Claims Against Critics

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Tucker Carlson said a top Democrat who has issued a drumbeat of warnings against making contact or facilitating possible collusion between Russian actors and the United States seems to have engaged in similar conduct himself.

Carlson said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, has repeatedly denounced alleged efforts by Russian actors to disseminate propaganda in the United States.

He said Schiff has also warned of a "Russian conspiracy" that led to the Kremlin-favored installment of then-New York City businessman Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Carlson appeared to reference video published by the Media Research Center that shows Schiff telling an audience that Russia is trying to promote the Bill of Rights - chiefly the Second Amendment - as a weapon against the American people.

“They also trumpeted the Second Amendment. Apparently the Russians are very big fans of our Second Amendment. They don’t particularly want a Second Amendment of their own but they are really glad that we have one. The Russians would be thrilled if we were doing nothing but killing each other every day, and sadly we are," Schiff said on the tape.

"The Russian conspiracy is so subtle, so crafty, such a bewildering Slavic hall of mirrors, that the people warning us about Russia are in fact key players," Carlson said. "The leaders of the witch hunt are witches."

Carlson said Schiff himself, however, appeared on Russian-owned news outlet RT America in 2013. 

He said RT America is funded and controlled by the Putin government and has been required by the U.S. government to register as a foreign agent because of the likelihood that it is "engaging in anti-U.S. messaging likely aimed at undermining U.S. trust in government procedures."

"Who would go on a channel like that?" Carlson asked. "None other than one Adam Bennett Schiff of Burbank, California."

Carlson said Schiff also conducted a phone call with Russian "pranksters" who claimed to have photographs of Trump with a Russian model.

He said Schiff reportedly sounded gleeful at the news and spent eight minutes talking to the pranksters.

After the call, Schiff's office reportedly tried to set up a meeting with someone they thought was a Ukrainian politician as a follow-up, Carlson said.

Carlson added that Connecticut Democratic Rep. Jim Himes also went on RT America to criticize the American invasion of Iraq as a foreign policy blunder.

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