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A group of faculty members is pushing a Pennsylvania college to rescind an honorary degree awarded to President Donald Trump nearly 30 years ago, according to several reports.

Previously, Lehigh University's board of trustees considered but ultimately took "no action" on a petition by a recent graduate calling for similar action in 2017.

Some members of the College of Arts & Sciences at the Bethlehem school - about 90 miles west of New York City - said they are basing their new motion on Trump's past statements they called "antithetical to our core values," WFMZ-69 News reported.

Trump received the honorary degree from the school in 1988. His late brother, Fred Trump Jr., was a Lehigh alum.

The faculty members in question said the things Trump has said in the past are "beneath the standards for Lehigh's honorary degree holders."

According to the text of the motion, published on Twitter by the school newspaper's account, the faculty pointed to "a non-exhaustive list" of controversial statements they say are grounds for rescinding the degree.

Some of the examples given included Trump's remarks in the wake of the Charlottesville incident, his "grab them by the [expletive]" tape, remarks critical of a federal judge of Mexican ancestry, as well as comments about former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina's face.

In 2017, the school ruled it would take no action on the previous petition from alumnus Kelly McCoy, saying that "Lehigh University encourages respectful dialogue, discussion and learning about societal issues."

"[T]he Board of Trustees engaged in lengthy, full and robust discussions. The Board has concluded that no action will be taken," the school said in a statement detailing its initial decision last year.

The faculty involved in the new call for rescinding Trump's honorary degree pointed to the way Lehigh rescinded an honorary degree awarded to actor Bill Cosby in the wake of sexual assault allegations.

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