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President Trump took heat from his critics Monday after he called Democrats "treasonous" and "un-American" for sitting mostly silent during last week's State of the Union speech. 

"They were like death and un-American," Trump told a cheering crowd in Ohio.

"Somebody said ‘treasonous.’ I mean, yeah, I guess, why not? Can we call that treason? Why not?"

The remark generated a lot of pushback on Twitter: 

On "America's Newsroom," Marie Harf and Lawrence Jones reacted. Jones said Democrats will have a hard time in the midterms with their current platform of protecting illegal immigrants while refusing to applaud positive news, such as rising employment for minorities.

Harf, a former Obama administration official, said Trump's remark Monday was "offensive and over the line" and it's common for the opposition party not to clap for the president. 

"The polls that matter are how people feel about the future and Democrats are winning in every single one," she argued. 

Watch the discussion above.

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