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Howard Kurtz believes many journalists have a "cultural disdain" for President Donald Trump, and it shows in how they report on anything related to his administration, from tax reform to the Russia investigation to the FISA memo.

 "When you try to figure out why the coverage has been so overwhelmingly negative -- a tsunami of negativity -- I think it goes beyond ideology," Kurtz said on "America's Newsroom."

He explained that many in the press didn't think Trump would, could or should be president.

"There is something visceral about the fact that he never gets a break," Kurtz said.

He said that means every small development in the Russia investigation is portrayed as the next Watergate.

"I think there is a sense among people who aren't necessarily big supporters of President Trump that the press is piling on," Kurtz said. "And that, I think, is a trap for us collectively, because we lose credibility."

"This war is hurting both sides, but I think in particular it is hurting the press."

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