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House Democrat Eric Swalwell said his party's counter-memo "bolsters" the FBI's credibility in the Russia probe, accusing Republicans of releasing evidence in an ongoing investigation. 

Swalwell (D-Calif.) said there was a "voluminous amount" of evidence given to the FISA court to justify surveillance of Carter Page, beyond the Trump-Russia dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

The Intelligence Committee member said the GOP memo mischaracterized former FBI deputy Andrew McCabe's closed-door testimony about the dossier and the FISA application.

Bill Hemmer asked Swalwell about the relevance of Fusion GPS - which was working on behalf of the Clinton campaign - in paying Steele to compile the dossier.

Swalwell said the FBI disclosed that there was a "likely political motivation" underlying the evidence presented. 

"The court weighed that and still granted the application. ... There was a bias, but the evidence was so overwhelming, the application was granted anyway," he said.

Swalwell said only Republican Trey Gowdy and Democrat Adam Schiff have viewed the FISA application, not the whole committee. 

"The larger issue is this is an ongoing investigation. The FBI is not above the law, they should be scrutinized, but after the investigation. ... We're setting a precedent of sending evidence over to potential targets. You would never tell a suspect the evidence you had against them before you interviewed them," he said.

President Trump must decide in the next five days whether the Democrats' memo should be released.

Monday on "Fox & Friends," Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes accused the committee's Democrats of rampant leaking on the Russia investigation, touting further information yet to be released on the State Department's actions.

"When you're being criticized like this by all the major networks and being attacked by the left, we know we're getting close to the truth," Nunes said.

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