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As thousands of Britons demonstrated in the streets of London in protest of a cash-strapped National Health Service, Nigel Farage discussed the protests' warning for America.

Britons are demonstrating in support of more funding for the NHS, to help end long wait times and other problems.

Monday morning on Twitter, Trump gave a nod to Farage's remarks, saying "no thanks" to assenting to a system similar to Britain's publicly-run health care.

Farage, a member of European Parliament and former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, said part of the reason for trouble with the state-run health care system is illegal immigration.

Farage said that the NHS is having trouble staying fiscally afloat because of an influx of refugees who demand their services the same as the average citizen does.

He said that there are also not enough doctors or hospitals to handle the load, adding that since the NHS was established in 1948, people are living longer and formerly untreatable diseases are now curable.

Farage said Britain's population is growing at about a half-million people per year.

"Three quarters of that is directly attributed to immigration... We've moved into becoming the International Health Service," he said.

Farage said the health system's problems and their connection to immigration should be a warning to American politicians of the unintended consequences of lax immigration policies.

He added that once an entitlement is given to the population, it is politically unpalatable to take it away or reform it.

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