Ingraham: Comey FBI, Obama DOJ & Clinton Campaign 'Colluded' Against Trump

Gowdy: FISA Memo Does Not 'In Any Way' Discredit Mueller Investigation

Pete Hegseth is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for Super Bowl LII, and he caught up with Kellyanne Conway to discuss the latest fallout from the release of a Republican memo on alleged government surveillance abuses.

She said President Donald Trump on Friday declassified the memo -- which was released a short time later by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee -- in the interest of transparency and accountability.

She said it was disingenuous for Democratic lawmakers to oppose the memo's release, because they have long claimed that they want to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2016 election.

"Those who have been talking about collusion, collusion, collusion with no result for over a year should really appreciate the process of transparency and accountability, even when it hits a little close to home in this case," Conway said.

She said she agrees with Trump's assessment that the memo shows the whole Russia collusion narrative is nothing but a "hoax."

"We were promised collusion," Conway said, criticizing Democrats for suggesting the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government despite having no evidence.

"I find it to be hyperbolic and very hypocritical because they’ve been charging forward for over one year now promising collusion, a promising a change in the election results, a nullification of a democratically-elected president. That’s just not happening."

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