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On the next episode of "Scandalous" - a riveting, up-close look at the Clinton scandals of the 1990s - Linda Tripp speaks out in a rare sit-down interview.

In the third episode of the seven-part documentary-style series, three very different legal problems for President Bill Clinton are on a collision course: Paula Jones gets secret help from a group of high-powered conservative lawyers known as “the elves,” newly-appointed Independent Counsel Ken Starr gets his first convictions related to the Whitewater matter, and Monica Lewinsky reveals the details of her sexual encounters with the president to her co-worker, Tripp, who secretly records their conversations.

In a preview of Sunday's episode, Tripp spoke about her time working with Lewinsky at the Pentagon's Public Affairs Office.

"We were stymied as to how a young girl, just out of college, was given a position that had always gone to a seasoned professional," Tripp said. "Monica had no background, no experience, so it was a puzzle to virtually everyone in the office."

Tripp said she wasn't a friend or mother figure to Lewinsky, but she had never met a "needier person."

Using archival footage and records, never-before seen photos, as well as more than 45 new interviews with those involved, "Scandalous" chronicles the political drama that enveloped Washington and captivated the world during the 1990s.

Tune in Sunday night at 8:00pm ET on Fox News Channel!

Take a look at a portion of last week's episode, which focused on Clinton accuser Paula Jones.

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