Surveillance Memo Excerpts Released, Alleges Anti-Trump Dossier Was Key to FISA Warrants

President Donald Trump on Friday commented on a newly declassified Republican memo on purported government surveillance abuses, calling the alleged bias detailed in the memo "a disgrace."

“I think it’s a disgrace what’s going on in this country. I think it’s a disgrace,” Trump said. “The memo was sent to Congress, it was declassified. Congress will do whatever they’re going to do, but I think it’s a disgrace what’s happening in our country.”

He added that "a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves, and much worse than that."

The memo was declassified by the White House Friday and the full contents were released by the House Intelligence Committee a short time later.

It alleges that without the infamous Trump dossier, the FBI and Justice Department would not have secured FISA  surveillance warrants to spy on at least one member of the Trump team.

It also claims the FBI and DOJ used media reporting to lend credibility to the dossier.

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