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UPDATE: A controversial memo alleging U.S. government surveillance abuses was declassified by the White House on Friday.

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge summarized some of the first excerpts.

Watch her analysis, here.

President Donald Trump is expected to declassify a controversial memo on purported U.S. government surveillance abuses as early as Friday morning, sources have told Fox News.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has been one of the most vocal congressmen in pushing for the release of the memo, which some House Republicans have claimed contains "disturbing" information on how FISA surveillance was used to target the Trump campaign.

On "The Story" on Thursday, Gaetz said the memo contains "jaw-dropping revelations" about the extent to which the FBI and Justice Department were weaponized politically to go after a presidential candidate.

He said the substance of the memo will implicate senior officials at the FBI and Justice Department, and it will show that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is based on a "false, rotten premise" and it never should have been started in the first place.

"That's deeply unfortunate whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, an independent or a Whig," Gaetz said. "And that's why I'm hopeful that the release of this memo will create a bipartisan opportunity to evaluate the kind of country we want to have, the type of surveillance protocols and the surveillance oversight that would stop this type of abuse from happening in the future," Gaetz said.

He pointed to the resignations of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former FBI Chief of Staff Jim Rybicki, predicting that other "heads are gonna roll" if and when the memo goes public.

"This memo isn't opinion, it's not conjecture, it is a statement of verifiable facts," Gaetz said. "And I think that its veracity will be upheld in the court of public opinion."

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