'They're Back in the 60s': Diamond & Silk Rip Congressional Black Caucus for Staying Seated at SOTU

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer urged President Trump to hold off on releasing a controversial memo that alleges abuses of surveillance powers during the Obama administration. 

After his State of the Union address Tuesday night, Trump shook hands with lawmakers on his way out, including Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), who said "let's release the memo."

A microphone nearby caught Trump responding, "No worries. 100 percent." 

On Monday, the House Intelligence committee voted along party lines to approve the release of the memo, which still requires President Trump's approval. 

Spicer said the White House should wait to release the memo so Trump can "ride this huge wave of success from last night." 

"Talk about the policies. The memo can wait. ... You've got to take advantage of the huge night that the president had" and focus on the economic message, Spicer advised.

He also said he was struck by Democrats' decision to sit during the address and refuse to applaud even the most nonpartisan themes. 

"They're sitting there with sour pusses on their face. That is very different than objecting to policy objectives," he said, adding that he believes liberals are taking the "resistance" movement too far. 

Watch the full interview above.

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