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Three of disgraced athletic doctor Larry Nassar's victims spoke exclusively to Martha MacCallum on "The Story" on Wednesday.

Nassar is accused of sexually abusing 300 young victims and was recently sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for a portion of the incidents, MacCallum reported.

At a second sentencing hearing in Michigan, athlete Tiffany Dutton called Nassar, 54, a "monster... backed by ego, experience and power."

MacCallum spoke with Jeanette Antolin, Mattie Larson and Jamie Dantzscher - three gymnasts who were sexually abused by Nassar under the guise of providing "treatment."

Antolin said Nassar was able to gain her trust as a young athlete by being the only adult who was nice to her.

"He knew how to fix every injury that you had. [He] gains your trust by being your friend [or] confidant," Antolin said.

Larson said Nassar often sexually assaulted her during what he called "treatments" at a Texas ranch owned by Romanian-American gymnastics coach and Olympics commentator Bela Karolyi.

She said she spent a lot of time in what was called the "treatment room," where Nassar would sexually violate her on a table while other gymnasts and even coaches were in another part of the room.

Larson said Nassar was able to abuse her without the knowledge of the other athletes in the room.

"He was so good at normalizing what he did," she said, remembering thinking that "it can't be bad what he's doing if he's doing it in front of friends and teammates."

She said her earliest recollection of sexual abuse by Nassar was at age 14.

Watch the compelling interview above.

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