'Willing to Give Trump Some Credit': IL Dem Calls for Bipartisanship After SOTU

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On "The Five," Jesse Watters said that it is acceptable for the opposition party not to cheer everything a president says in a State of the Union address, but countered that jeering some issues does "make them look like they're rooting against America."

"I just think the Democrats look like the media - out of touch with the American people," he said.

Watters said there were some unifying ideas that the Democrats remained seated and silent for.

He noted that most Democrats did not cheer rising wages and stayed quiet as the president detailed plans for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

"They didn't clap about the recovery of [House Majority Whip] Steve Scalise," Watters said, adding he was shocked that the near-death of a fellow lawmaker didn't make them show emotion.

Watters said Democrats seemed unable to separate their dislike of Trump with common support for American success.

He said Trump closely associates himself with patriotism and icons like the flag and the economy so that "when the Democrats root against him, they look like they're rooting against America."

"Are they going to choose what's good for their base or follow Nancy [Pelosi] and Cryin' Chuck [Schumer]?" Watters asked, referring to the two party leaders.

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