What's "Fox News @ Night" host Shannon Bream up to when she's not in the anchor's chair?

Fox News Insider caught up with the Liberty University alum and former Supreme Court correspondent to learn a bit more...

Fly Fishing: There’s nothing more relaxing than floating down a river, surrounded by gorgeous scenery – and having no cell signal. It’s a great escape, and I don’t really care if I actually catch any fish – which is why my husband claims I always do!

Playing Piano and Composing Music: I was a kid who tried everything from gymnastics to drama classes. When I sat at the piano keyboard at five years old, something clicked. It felt so familiar, like I wasn’t learning something new as much as I was finding my way home. I find playing, and now composing, to be very therapeutic.

Quiet Time: My days go much better when I start the day reading, studying the Bible and praying. It reminds me what is truly important, to stay humble and to serve the people around me. It also centers me when life throws curveballs – as it so often does.

This is my favorite spot to relax at home... 

College Football: Something about cheering for my FSU Seminoles drives me into psycho territory. Even my closest friends are a tad embarrassed to attend the games with me. If you can’t scream your lungs out in a stadium full of 50,000 people – where can you?!

My Happy Place: There is no place on Earth I love more than being at the beach. It doesn’t matter if it’s stormy and cold or sunny without a cloud in the sky, that’s where I want to be. I grew up on the ocean, and being there immediately brings back the happiest memories and the deepest calm.

Bonus fact: Shannon and the crew often turn the "Fox News @ Night" studio in Washington, D.C. into a post-show dance party, as we recently learned from Janice Dean

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