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Tucker Carlson debated a top Democrat who kept his guest seat open at the State of the Union to commemorate an illegal immigrant in his district who was deported by the Trump administration.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), who challenged Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for her leadership post in 2017, said Amer Othman was a 40-year resident and businessman in Youngstown who had started a family in America.

Ryan said the Trump White House deported Othman, and he will keep his guest's seat open in the Capitol while the president delivers his address.

Carlson challenged Ryan, saying 4,000 people have recently died in Ohio of drug overdoses, while only 400 have been deported.

"Those are names and faces [too]. I wonder why you're not keeping a seat open to honor them," Carlson said.

Ryan later shot back that he's done more for the opioid epidemic than Carlson "ever has."

He said he is pressuring lawmakers to put resources behind opioid treatment in his area.

"You have one seat open and you're leaving it open for someone who's been deported," Carlson said. "Not the thousands of drug overdoses."

Carlson pointed out Othman was deported for fraud, and he said he understands that many deportees' stories are "sad" but that the rule of law should be upheld in some way.

"This empty seat is already working," Ryan said, noting Carlson was discussing Othman's case, and pressing Carlson on why Othman was denied a hearing to plead his case before being sent home.

"I am for throwing felons the hell out of the country," Ryan said, adding that he wants people who are a "net benefit" to the country to be able to pay for their infraction through back taxes or a fine.

"You tell your president and your party to fund the damn bills you put forth," Ryan said.

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