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Laura Ingraham blasted the mainstream media for its "willful blindness" to the strong economic gains in President Trump's first year. 

In her "Angle" commentary Monday, Ingraham imagined what the media narrative would be if Hillary Clinton were the president and the economy was performing as it is now. 

She pointed back to 2008 when Clinton and Barack Obama were running for president and "sounding a lot like Trump" on renegotiating NAFTA. 

Instead, she said Democrats and left-leaning pundits now give Trump no credit for removing regulations, cutting taxes and moving toward fairer trade agreements.

The narrative that has emerged, she noted, is that Trump inherited the strong economy from President Barack Obama. 

"If Hillary Clinton had had this record, the praise would be deafening on the eve of her first State of the Union," she said. 

Ingraham predicted Americans will notice the tax legislation's effects when they file their income tax returns in the coming months. 

On Friday, President Trump touted the economic growth occurring in the United States in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum.

"There's nothing like what's happening," Trump said, pointing out record lows in unemployment among African-Americans, Hispanics and women.

Watch the commentary above. 

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