'We Are Building a Safe, Strong & Proud America': Trump Delivers SOTU Address

'America First!': Trump's SOTU Draws Mixed Reaction, Dems' 'Sheer Dismay'

On "Hannity" on Tuesday night, Donald Trump Jr. said his father's first official State of the Union address was "phenomenal," and the muted reaction from Democrat lawmakers was particularly telling.

"You could see them all wanting to stand," Trump Jr. said. "You could see them all almost looking around like, 'We almost have to stand for this.' But the derangement is real."

He explained that Democrats have painted themselves in a corner and must oppose the president at every turn.

"They've been forced to take the opposite approach of everything that he does, everything that he says," Trump Jr. said. "So even things that are just common sense solutions for the American people, they have to do the opposite. And you could see it. It was amazing to watch."

Despite the "Trump resistance" from the left, Trump Jr. said the American people can see the many accomplishments his father has had, particularly with the booming economy and Republican tax overhaul.

"This was a unifying speech. It was a speech to all Americans. He hit everyone deeply," Trump Jr. said. "And it was amazing to watch."

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