CA Teacher Caught on Tape: US Military Members 'The Lowest of the Low'

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The hosts of "The Five" ripped California councilman and high school teacher Gregory Salcido for an anti-military rant captured on tape by one of his students.

Salcido, of Pico Rivera, was heard calling veterans and soldiers the "lowest of our low" and claiming their lack of intelligence made them choose the service as a career path instead of banking other white-collar institutions.

"This is so offensive to me," Kimberly Guilfoyle said, adding that she was upset to hear Salcido is from her home state of California.

She said Salcido should spend a day overseas on the front lines with our military men and women.

Greg Gutfeld said Salcido's rant came from a place of "ignorance."

"If you don't know a veteran, then you have no life experience... It's because he doesn't know anybody," Gutfeld said of Salcido, calling him a "dirtbag."

Kennedy challenged Salcido to visit the Walter Reed military medical facility in Bethesda, Md. - where many of the nation's wounded service members are taken for treatment.

She called Salcido "violent and incompetent," citing his recent comments combined with news reports he was previously reprimanded for striking a student in 2012.

Juan Williams said Salcido showed no regard for his students, who he said could have veteran family members.

He said that criticizing war as a general public policy is legitimate, but that Salcido should not have intentionally "besmirched the intellect of people who serve our country."

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