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North Carolina-based social media stars Diamond & Silk ripped rapper Jay-Z on Sunday for calling President Trump a "super bug" after his remarks about underdeveloped countries.

The president himself later fired back in a tweet as well.

"Everyone feels anger, but after the anger, it's really hurtful looking down on a whole population of people," the rapper, born Sean Carter, told CNN's Van Jones.

"As those things grow, you create a super bug, and now we have Donald Trump the super bug," Jay-Z said of his fellow New York City native.

Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson responded on "Fox & Friends," with Diamond pointing out that Jay-Z's raps consistently contain "derogatory names" for women.

"He's made money off of doing that... What's wrong with Jay-Z is he's just mad his influence did not influence people to go out and vote for Crooked Hillary [Clinton]."

Silk told Jay-Z to "stop crying like a baby."

"Trump is your president," she said.

Trump himself asked his Twitter followers to "inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, black unemployment has just been reported at the lowest level ever recorded."

Jones previously asked Jay-Z about that statistic, and the rapper responded by saying that "money... does not equate to like happiness. [Trump] is missing the whole point."

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